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Transgender man Thomas Beatie pregnant again

US transgender man is pregnant with his second child, he told American television diva Barbara Walters in his first interview since he gave birth to baby Susan in June.

Thomas Beatie, who is 34 and sports a beard, told Walters he did not go back on the male hormone testosterone after Susan's birth because he and his wife Nancy wanted to have another baby.

"I feel good," he said in the interview which will air on US network ABC tomorrow.

"I had my checkups with my hormone level... everything is right on track," he said, adding that the couple's second child is due June 12.

In the interview with Walters, Beatie also spoke about the birth of Susan, describing how he was in labor for 40 hours and his wife, Nancy, cut the umbilical cord of their daughter, who was not delivered by Caesarean section.

Thomas Beatie was born and grew up in Hawaii.

Known as Tracy when he was a girl, Beatie entered the Miss Teen Hawaii USA beauty contest at age 14 and made it to the finals, but says in the interview with ABC that he felt uncomfortable throughout the pageant.

Beatie began a lesbian relationship with his current wife Nancy when he was 24, and in 2002, had "sex reassignment surgery" to remove his breasts.

But he never had phalloplasty - surgery to create an artificial penis - and left his female reproductive organs in place, according to ABC.

He and Nancy were legally married in 2003 and decided to start a family.

But because Nancy had had a hysterectomy, it would fall to Thomas to carry the child.

He stopped taking the male hormone testosterone and the couple looked for a doctor who would help them obtain sperm and inseminate Thomas.

After nine doctors declined to help, the Beaties decided to take the do-it-yourself route.

"First, they bought donor sperm on the Internet and Nancy Beatie used a syringe she had bought at a pet store to inseminate her husband," ABC News reported.

"Soon after, a home pregnancy test confirmed that he was pregnant."

It was not immediately clear if the couple used the same method to conceive their second child.



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