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Funny Homeless Signs

It’s bitter but it’s true. Homelessness amongst the people of all parts of the world especially the western world. Only those who have faced it or are facing it know how harsh and troublesome the life gets. A situation much like that of Will Smith in the Pursuit Of Happiness, if you have watched it. Homeless or more likely ‘cash-less’ people may not be an oddity to you if you happen to pass-by the streets of Boston, where Saint Francis House exists – that’s a day shelter by the way. But some may just have developed the art of getting people to shed a few cents for them by their unique and unbeatable homeless signs.

In fact it seems more fun than trouble to be homeless for some of these highly creative and greatly talented junkies who just manage to catch your eyes if you happen to pass-by them. And no matter how strict you are, you will definitely spare some change for them smiling or maybe laughing. Have a look at them yourself!!!



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